Why Soft Sole Shoes are Best for Baby

When choosing your baby's first shoes, there is a lot to consider.  Not only are you looking for cute and unique shoes to complement your baby's style, but you also need to be thinking about comfort and your baby's overall foot development.  

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has several recommendations for choosing your new walker's perfect first shoes.  

1. Soft, flexible shoes   Constricting, hard shoes don't allow for the kicking, stretching movements that strengthen your baby's feet.  Choosing a soft shoe, with ample space to wriggle toes and flex the foot will enable your child to develop the muscle strength for walking.  

2. Lightweight Soles  Barefoot is best when it comes to new walkers, but it's certainly not feasible for all day.  Babies grip the floor with their toes when walking to gain balance.  With a lightweight, protective sole, babies can mimic the same movements they would if they were barefoot.  Plus, heavy soles are harder to lift for little ones who are just learning the mechanics of walking.

3. Breathable  The AAP suggests a baby's first shoes be made of leather, mesh or lightweight fabric.  The key is to get a shoe that breathes well and keeps your baby comfortable.

4. Non Skid Soles or Skid Resistant Soles Choosing shoes with non skid soles will decrease the chances of your baby tripping and falling.  But let's face it, new walkers are definitely going to fall!  

Our soft sole baby booties not only fit the recommendations set by the AAP, but they will also showcase your baby's unique style (and yours)!  

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